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OfflineBruce Bagley
April 9, 2014

Why is Everyone Talking about Population Health?

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

Make sure you get the message. At the current time, it is all about cost. A new core competency of primary care must be risk adjusted care management and care coordination. Identify the top 5% to 7% of the patients driving the most expenditure and figure out how to control that cost in some measurable way.

OfflineBruce Bagley
March 9, 2014

Will the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

Once again the value and effectiveness of PCMH is under discussion. This article examines the central issue of the PCMH brand and offers a better measure of PCMH success. Where does your practice stand on the "Triple Aim Measure?"

OfflineBruce Bagley
December 17, 2013

Trends in Health Care Delivery in the United States-2014

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

Year-end is a time for reflection and for talking about the future. The mission of TransforMED is to transform health care delivery to achieve optimal patient care, professional satisfaction and the success of primary care practices. As we go about our daily work with practices we can get a sense of what works and what ideas or interventions will have high leverage for change. Here are a few thoughts about trends in health care delivery for contemplation as you develop your strategy for 2014.

OfflineBruce Bagley
November 17, 2013

It Is Time To Talk About The Primary Care Infrastructure

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

We must begin to think differrently about how to support the primary care function in order to optimize outcomes for patients and allow primary care teams to do their best work. Organizations working to fortify the primary care effort will invest in infrastructure to assume a revenue stream from the improved population health.

OfflineBruce Bagley
September 28, 2013

All This Talk About ACOs…What Does It Really Mean?

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

Everyone is talking about ACOs. What are they? What changes will they bring for practices, payment and patients? What elements are likely to make ACOs successful?

OfflineBruce Bagley
August 26, 2013

Key Elements for the Transformation of Health Care Delivery

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

Want to know the secret sauce for successful practice and system transformation? Read about TLCM.

OfflineBruce Bagley
July 25, 2013

Electronic Communication With Patients

Bruce Bagley - CEO Blog

OfflineTerry McGeeney
February 1, 2013

It's Time

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

Over the past several years the underlying themes of this CEO report have evolved from "the health care world as we know it will change" to the "health care world is changing" to the message of today: the health care world has changed and there will be winners and losers...

OfflineTerry McGeeney
November 9, 2012

TransforMED's Strategic Role in Healthcare Reform

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

When the American Academy of Family Physicians made the bold decision in 2004 to commit significant funds from reserves to launch an initiative now called TransforMED, no one had any idea where it would lead. The Future of Family Medicine report stated that if Family Medicine did not change and the healthcare system did not change, there was a good chance that Family Medicine (and indeed primary care) might cease to exist. The good news is that the US Healthcare system is changing and Family Medicine and primary care are starting to change...

OfflineThe Delta-v Team
October 10, 2012

NEW! DX Points and Status Levels

Are you a Change Agent? Catalyst? Influencer? Innovator?
Display your positive contributions to the DX online learning community.
Here's how it works...

OfflineTerry McGeeney
August 24, 2012

"Comprehensive" Primary Care and "Full-Scope" Primary Care

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

...Making the transition from what we used to do to what the health care system needs of us now is not easy.   The reality is, however, that the healthcare system needs primary care now more than ever and the value of primary care is rising exponentially...

OfflineTerry McGeeney
June 28, 2012

TransforMED and the Medical Neighborhood

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

OfflineTerry McGeeney
February 2, 2012

The Era Of The “Comprehensivist”

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

"Barbara Starfield, one of the most respected champions of primary care, often spoke about the importance of comprehensive care in any successful patient-centered medical home model. She knew very well that the key to an effective healthcare system was comprehensive and coordinated, not fragmented care."

OfflineGetting Started with DX
February 1, 2012

Two New Help Files

Getting Started with DX - Getting Started With Delta Exchange

Sign-in help for new AAFP Members, and an overview of the DX homepage have been added. Also, check out the simple instructions for how to upload your photo!

OfflineTerry McGeeney
October 27, 2011

Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative...The Future Is Now

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

"The new CMS Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative will compensate primary care practices via a blended payment of a risk-adjusted care management fee averaging $20 pmpm, continued fee for service and a shared savings component.  The shared savings flows directly to primary care practices and not hospitals or large systems as in the ACO pilots. CMS has clearly defined the future in what is expected of primary care going forward. The future that everyone has been talking about since 2004 is now."

OfflineTerry McGeeney
April 6, 2011

Primary Care Physicians REALLY need to pay attention to the proposed ACO ru…

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

OfflineTerry McGeeney
February 16, 2011

TransforMED and the American Academy of Family Physicians -- Stronger Toget…

Terry McGeeney - CEO Blog

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OfflineFP NguyenWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
FP Nguyen
Just read something that may have some relevancy towards…
OfflineWilliam GillandersWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
William Gillanders
I read Bruce's post (and the responses) with some interest.  Our residency…
OfflineGlenn KotzWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Glenn Kotz
Dear fellow TransforMED readers:
My understanding about TransforMED is this…
OfflineJerry GoddardWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Jerry Goddard
I am an old guy who chose FM because I wanted to be a people doctor.  I…
OfflineDoug RossierWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Doug Rossier
I am a TransforMED consultant and I want to commend all of you for being part…
OfflineWill SawyerWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Will Sawyer
Great discussion!
We talked about this in the late '80s, but there were no…
OfflineBruce BagleyWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Bruce Bagley
Melissa, Thanks for your comments.  I also find it difficult to look at this as…
OfflineMelissa KestersonWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Melissa Kesterson
Great discussion. It is unfortunate, however, that these discussions often…
OfflineFP NguyenWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
FP Nguyen
Thank you Greg for your comment and feedback. I share your enthusiasm with…
OfflineGregory CarlsonWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Gregory Carlson
Dr. Nguyen, you give a very balanced and sobering caution about becoming overly…
OfflineFP NguyenWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
FP Nguyen
Great advice and thanks, Bruce. Yes, primary care and preventative care are…
OfflineMargaret MortonWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
Margaret Morton
 Thank you George !  We should be embarrassed.  And frightened. The focus has…
OfflineGeorge PatrinWhy is Everyone Talking about Population Health?
George Patrin
The fact that this issue is getting press today only to save dollars…
OfflineGlenn KotzWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
Glenn Kotz
Going back to Bruce's questions... Where can we send our numbers?
The true…
OfflineSusan AndrewsWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
Susan Andrews
How about the importance of quality becoming systemic and using team to extend…
OfflineWilliam BayerWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
William Bayer
I agree that PCMH sounds like you're going to a nursing home or to Mr Roger's…
OfflineJohn WalkerWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
John Walker
Pragmatic perspective:   We are a primary care group of eleven providers. Our…
OfflineMichael O'DellWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
Michael O'Dell
Our Internal Medicine colleagues have done us a favor by studying a core tenet…
OfflineFP NguyenWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
FP Nguyen
A lot of great posts. Bruce had written earlier that depending on what kind of…
OfflineRandall OatesWill the Real PCMH Please Stand Up?
Randall Oates
Dr. Morrow… I perceive we are in agreement far more than disagreement, in that…

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